Monday, November 18, 2013

Introducing Myself to the Blogging World

Hello Everyone!!!

     This is something I have been thinking about for a while now and I have finally found the time (and mostly courage) to finally create this blog! I first came across blogs through Pinterest (figures...) and I fell in love with a few blogs that I now follow regularly.

     Let me start by telling you a little about myself.  I am currently a senior in college studying to be a middle school or high school Math teacher.  I love math and am so passionate about making math fun for students (because lets be honest, when you hear math the last thing most people think is fun).  I start student teaching next semester and I could not be more excited! In addition to my love of math and teaching, I also try to be a very active and healthy person.  I do enjoy going to the gym, although I need to make a bit of a better effort in that aspect of my life! I must say, when I am eating clean and working out regularly I feel amazing! Unfortunately college life doesn't make it all that easy.  Late night study sessions just aren't the same without pizza, those late nights are followed by early morning Starbucks trips to get my caffeine fix (and sometimes mid-afternoon trips as well) to make it through the day, and the social events on the weekends only add to the problem!  But overall I have loved my college career so far! I have met some of my best friends and had some of the most amazing memories from the past 4 years.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little sad that it will be coming to an end this May.

     I've decided to start this blog as an outlet and a way to share my experiences with everyone and anyone who wants to read about them.  I'm hoping this blog will be my little piece of this huge blogging world and will be where I share my passions with the world! My hopes are that this blog will be a little bit about everything that makes me well... me! 

Thank you all for stopping by

If you are a fellow blogger, what made you start blogging? and what advice or tips can you share with me?


  1. As a fellow blogger I would recommend you add a goggle friend connect button, it's how you gain followers. I went nearly a year without one, and I wish someone would have told me about it.


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