Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Midweek Confessions :)

My first ever midweek confessions!  Please enjoy my hot mess moments!!!

- I made cookies with my mom on Sunday night and in addition to eating about a third of the batter... i also ate (that same night) 6 COOKIES!!!!  I am ridiculous!

- I bought 2 new pairs of jeans at least two weeks ago.  Both are dark wash jeans so I wanted to wash them before wearing them so the dye doesn't come off on my clothes.. or my skin.  After a full two weeks I still haven't managed to wash them!!! (I have done wash, I just haven't done a separate load for these jeans) Clearly I'm being a little lazy.
(** Update: I wore one of the jeans without washing them and when I took them off my thighs were blue.   Guess I should have waited to wash them after all! **)

- I forgot my lab booklet for my physics lab and instead of writing down the tables and what not on a separate piece of paper to copy into my lab manual later... I let my partner do the lab ALL ON HIS OWN while I sat there and played candy crush for an HOUR!!!  I think i need some help!

- Speaking of candy crush... I'm on level 161... seriously.. I need help!!!

- And finally, I think I have been to Starbucks too much recently because today when I walked into the store, the guy working knew exactly what I wanted before I even ordered!  Definitely time to switch up my coffee... and maybe where I get it from too. lol

Do you have any confessions?  If so, please share! 

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  1. SO glad you joined in today, and so glad you are blogging!! I've totally had blue thighs before too! :)


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