Monday, November 25, 2013

Morning People... I need your help!

I'm really trying to become more of a morning person.  Once I've gotten myself up and out of bed I'm really happy to be up early, its just the initial shock of waking up before the sun rises that I'm really not a fan of.  I also tend to go to bed a little on the later side so going to bed after midnight and then trying to wake up at 6 or earlier usually isn't very productive.  In fact, on days when I try to do that I just end up being cranky and having a really bad headache! However, last semester when I had my junior practicum (junior year student teaching) I was up at 5:30 every morning and I swear even though I spent my mornings in a middle school teaching, I was 10 times more productive with the rest of my day! I feel like I'm sort of stuck in the middle of being a morning person and not.  I generally wake up between 7-9 every day and I always feel that my day is wasted if I stay in bed past 10.  I know when I start student teaching next semester I'll be waking up really early and hopefully that can help me transition into being a morning person, and hopefully by the time I start teaching I'll definitely be a morning person.

My problem is never that I'm grouchy or lazy (well.. that's debatable sometimes) in the morning, I am just literally always too tired to drag myself out of bed.  I realize I have to go to bed earlier and I am trying.  I know that's my biggest problem.  Hopefully I can start seriously working on that when winter break comes around because honestly, that's not going to happen when I have four finals coming up!

So my question to you morning people is...
Do you have any tips for someone trying to become a morning person?

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