Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Wrist is FINALLY healed!!

It's been a long and annoying journey, but my wrist has finally completely healed!

Let me start with some background:  Being the clumsy person I am, last May I fell off of a stage, that's right a stage, like a 4 foot tall stage! Granted there was no railing or anything around it so I can't entirely blame myself (Ha yes I can!!) Anyways, the day after the fall my hand swelled up big time! I spent the entire day icing it and resting and by the end of the day the pain had somewhat subsided... sort of.  I spent the next few days resting it and not doing too much physical activity involving my wrist.  Unfortunately for me though, I'm a server and carrying trays is a big part of serving.  Of course the hand that I attempted to catch my fall with was my left hand, and of course I'm left handed and hold trays with my LEFT hand.  Anyways, I served for a MONTH AND A HALF with this bum wrist thinking I must have seriously sprained it when I fell.  I finally decided to go to the doctors when a month and a half had gone by and the pain was still there every time I picked up a tray, and even when I wrote anything down at that point.  I got some x-rays and what do you know... I broke my wrist! I had a scaphoid fracture which is a little bone in your wrist sort of right below your thumb.  And on top of it all, I was leaving for vacation in New Hampshire 3 days later!

    Unlucky for me, my doctor insisted I get a cast to keep the fracture from getting any worse! Awful! That was the first time I have ever had to wear a cast and I hope it is the last time! That thing is itchy, especially when it gets wet, and its hot and just not a fun thing to deal with! Here's a nice glimpse of mine, pretty right.. ha!

     Even though I spent my week in New Hampshire with a cast on I still had a blast! I made the best of the situation and I'm so glad I still went despite not wanting to go because of the cast.  New Hampshire is so beautiful and peaceful.  It was such a relaxing trip, I mean look at these views!

     Once I got back from New Hampshire it was back to the doctors for even more bad news! Because I waited so long to get my wrist checked out, the bone in my wrist had actually shifted apart! Just my luck right!  because of this, I needed surgery.  I had to get a screw put into the bone to push the two pieces back together and hold them together.  So surgery was scheduled.  Here's the screw they put into my wrist :)

    After surgery, the cast went back on for a month and a half ughhh! Finally, in early October, I got the cast removed, but the road to recovery was not complete.  The bone was not fully solid so I had to wear a brace for another month and a half! But that was much better! I could take it off to shower, and it gave me a little more freedom with my wrist.

    Today I can finally say that I have come to the end of my road to recovery! The doctor has cleared me to go back to serving, and I no longer need to wear a brace! I already have about 90% of the motion back in my wrist and I could not be happier!

Have you ever broken a bone or needed surgery? If so how was your recovery?

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