Saturday, November 30, 2013

6 Ways to Stay Organized

I try very hard to be organized in my daily life.  I have found that being organized seriously allows me to find things so much easier, and I spend so much less time scrambling around looking for the things I need.  I tend to feel more stressed out when I am not organized.  Throughout my four years of college I have become a lot better at getting and staying organized.  Now I am no where near perfect, but here are just some of the ways I keep myself organized. 

1. I try to live by the motto "There is a place for everything... and everything belongs in its place."  Everything I own has a place where it should be stored.  No matter how big or small, used or unused, each item has a place where it is supposed to be.  This helps me find things quickly when I need them, and it also ensures I don't end up with a bunch of miscellaneous items laying around on my night stand or desk without any place for them to go.  The harder part of this is actually the second part for me.  Its easy enough to have a place for all of my belongings to be put away, whats hard is making sure all these items are constantly put away!

2. Make your bed daily.  There really is something nice about a nicely made bed.  For me, living in a rented house with 3 other girls, The only real space of my own is my room.  Its really nice coming home from classes and walking into a room with a nicely made bed.  In my opinion, making your bed makes your room feel more put together and clean.

3. Set up a command center.  I have set up a corner of my desk to be my command center.  This is where I keep a large calendar on my wall, my planner, and a running to do list.  At the end of the day I sit down with my planner and calendar and make sure both are up to date. My planner comes with me everywhere, but its also nice to look at a nice large calendar to see what is coming up in the near future as well.  In addition to updating my calendars, I also cross off any items I've accomplished from my to do list as well as add any new items that need to be taken care of.  I usually also try to keep a list of things I need to buy such as groceries or school supplies etc.  Anytime I run out of something or remember I need to get something it gets added to the list immediately.  Then before I leave to go shopping I just check my list and I have everything written down that I need to buy. 

4. Place items in clear glass jars.  This makes it easier to see what you have and what you need.  There have been numerous times when I have bought something I thought I needed to go home and realize I already had it all along it was just hidden.  Or even better, I completely forget I have something because its stuffed in the back of a draw somewhere so I never end up using it and it just takes up space.  Clear jars allow you to see what you have so your more likely to use it and it also ensures you don't buy things you already have!

5. use cake stands, hooks, small trays, cute plates, anything really to organize your accessories.  Hang belts and scarves on cute hooks.  place bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and ring in small trays, cute plates and bowls, or make a DIY jewelry holder using a cake stand.  Small items such as jewelry have a tendency to end up on my nightstand, my desk, just everywhere.  This makes it a lot easier to keep track of all these little items and its a cute way to put all your accessories on display.

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6. take 10-20 minutes every night to straighten up and get ready for the next day.   I am not perfect, I get lazy and I end up throwing clothes and bags on my desk chair, my jewelry ends up on my nightstand instead of in my jewelry holder, and on more than one occasion my shoes end up all over the floor.  My days are hectic and I'm always amazed at how unorganized my room can get in just one day!  That's why every night before I go to bed (no matter how tired I may be) I take a few minutes to straighten my room up.  I put all my clothes, shoes, etc. away,  I pack my school bag for the following day, and I check my calendar, planner, and to do list.

All of these things have been really helpful in helping keep me organized.  Hopefully some of these tips can help you stay organized too!

Do you have any other tips and tricks you use to stay organized?


  1. Love all these great tips!! I love to keep things neat and tidy. We live in a small apartment so need to be smart with storage.

  2. Love the kitchen organizer. Would love for you to link this to Friday Favorites at! laura


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