Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday Funday

I had such a great day today!! I went out to brunch with my housemate Abby and my really good friend Annie who graduated last year and has been super busy with her new teaching job.  I was so glad to see Annie and to just spend some time with two of my really good friends!  We went into New Hope and although it was FREEZING out it was still sunny and ended up being a nice day!
We went to the Logann Inn and ate at their restaurant called Nikólas. It was delicious!! I got a Peach Bellini and some french toast and it was all soo yummy! To top it all off, since it was so cold outside the woman who sat us brought us to a table right next to a fireplace! Needless to say I was warm and cozy the whole time! The restaurant was really nicely decorated, the entire staff was very friendly, and the service and food were great!

After brunch we walked around for a little bit and looked through a few of the shops.  It was so cold so we didn't last long, however, we all decided that we needed to come back when it was a little bit warmer because all of the shops were so cute and we all saw so many things we liked! I was even able to buy a few Christmas presents while I was there! By the end of our walk through the town we were so frozen that we stopped inside a Starbucks to get some hot coffee :)  I was so happy to have my caramel brulee latte it was delicious! It was exactly what I needed to come back and start catching up on all the work I've put off this weekend!

What did you do this weekend that was fun or exciting?


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I just got back from a beach trip the other day so I have just been unpacking and relaxing :)


    1. A beach trip sounds wonderful! It's been so cold here, I'm missing the warm weather and the beach!


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