Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in Review

With today being the last day of 2013, I wanted to look back at the year and all that I've accomplished throughout this past year.  Plus I want to be able to look back at this post and remember everything that was going on at this point in my life.  2013 has been an exciting year for me.  Its certainly been a roller coaster ride with a lot of ups and downs and twists and turns.


I took my Praxis test to become a certified teacher and luckily I passed with flying colors receiving a recognition of excellence certificate for my score!   I also began my junior field experience in a middle school.  During the month of January I only observed and helped out a little in the classroom, but I was absolutely loving it!


Not much happened in February, school and work and volunteering was my life.  I got to visit my best friend Shannon up at her college which is always so much fun! Valentine's day was a bust with no significant other to celebrate with... so instead me and my housemate bought a large bottle of wine and watched a movie instead. 


March was similar to February, with a lot of school, work, and volunteering.  I participated in relay for life with the community service fraternity I'm apart of.  We do it every year and we always have a blast!


During April I taught my full unit to my 8th graders for my junior field experience.  It was so exciting and nerve wracking to be teaching an entire unit all on my own.  I was so pleased with the results and I loved my unit! 


May was bittersweet.  Classes finished and summer break was starting but that also meant some of my best friends were graduating from college and moving into the real world!  May was filled with bonfires, saying goodbye to graduating friends, and reuniting with old friends coming back from college.
May also meant My Birthday! I turned 21 and it was certainly a celebration! My friends took me to AC and within the first hour of being there I won $$$ gambling.  By the end of the trip I was up $30 more than what I had came with! Unfortunately I also had a little fall during my night out in AC and ended up with a broken wrist, although I didn't find out it was broken until July!


Graduations and Vacations! June was spent celebrating graduations, working, and going on vacation.  My cousin graduated from college and we celebrated with a huge graduation party! At the end of June I left for Myrtle Beach for a nice relaxing vacation with my family.  The resort we stayed at was so nice but it rained almost the whole week we were there.  We made the best of it though and still enjoyed whatever time we had on the beach!


More Vacations! This time with my best friend and her family.  We spent a week up in New Hampshire and it was absolutely gorgeous! We relaxed by the lake, went out on boat rides, and went in the town for shopping, eating, and going out! It was definitely a blast!

July was also when I found out my wrist was broken.  Unlucky for me, I found out right before I left for New Hampshire which was a little bit of a disappointment.  I also was stuck in a cast for the entire vacation!  Things got even worse when I got back because I found out I also needed surgery on my wrist! Yea, it was that bad! Needless to say it wasn't the most fun experience. 


August was spent soaking up the last bit of the summer sun I could get before going back to school! It was also spent recovering from my wrist surgery. No excitement here!  The best thing I did all month was go to a Matchbox 20 and Goo Goo Dolls Concert. Lets move on!


September marked the beginning of my senior year of college! I went to so many back to school barbeques and parties.  Seeing all my friends from school was wonderful after not seeing a lot of them over the summer.


October was homecoming which meant reuniting with all my friends who graduated! It was so much fun seeing them all and hearing about their jobs and how life is in the real world, because we all know college is nothing like the real world!  I was also in a car accident in October, Halloween night actually, coming home from a party.  We were very fortunate that no one was seriously injured but my friends car was totaled. 


November I finally found out my wrist was completely healed! I was cleared from wearing an awful brace and I was happy I didn't even need physical therapy! November was also when I started blogging!!! I had been thinking about it for a while and I finally decided to just do it in November, and I couldn't be happy about it! November was also filled with brunches and parties with friends,  Thanksgiving with family, school, and work. 


And we are finally at December.  December started off with a list of goals I wanted to focus on for the month.  The first 2 weeks went by so slow because I was completing work for classes and taking finals, which were my last ever finals I will be taking in college since I'll only be student teaching next semester! Once school was over it was filled with friends, family, and holidays!  I went to AC with my cousins to go to Life in Color.   I used my time off from school to clean, organize, and do some DIY projects.  And once the holidays came, I got to spend time with my family as well as open plenty of presents!

And now we are here, the last day of 2013, and I can't help but hope that 2014 will be even better than 2013! I hope 2014 will be my year! I have big plans for the year to come.  I will be student teaching, graduating, and looking for a job, working on getting healthy and fit, working on this blog, and much much more! I'm looking forward at the year to come and thinking to myself what will I accomplish this year?

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