Sunday, December 8, 2013

6 Tips for Studying and Destressing Before Finals!

So I know some friends of mine have already started their finals and I hope they are all doing well! I start mine in Wednesday and so I thought I'd share some of my tips and tricks for studying and how I deal with stress and that overwhelming feeling that usually comes along with final! So here are my 6 tips for studying and destressing before finals.  

1) Have a Plan.  Before I even sit down to start studying I make a plan.  I write out when each of my finals are and what each one will cover from the class.  I then come up with a schedule and break down my studying into manageable sessions.  I tend to do anywhere from 2-3 hours of studying and then I try to take at least a half an hour to give my eyes a rest and my brain and body a break. 

2) Make an Outline. After I make up a plan and schedule for studying, I make an outline for each one of my finals.  These outlines go through the entire semester and lay out everything I've learned.  I usually start with a basic one without going into too much detail.  for example I'll write Chapter 1 and then under that I'll write out the definitions and theorems from that chapter (I won't define or prove them yet).  From here you can really see how much time you have to spend on each subject.  ** This also helps me see how much I should be covering in each study session. ** 

3) Give yourself Time!  I know with so many finals and papers and what not due all at the same time, there tends to be little time to study for all of the finals but when I say give yourself time I mean it! Cramming the day and night before the final until 3am will not do you any good.  You'll be too tired and unfocused during the exam and this can cause you to make silly mistakes!  I try to at least start with my outlines a week or so in advance.  

4) Write it Out! Now this one may not apply to everyone but I remember things so much better when I write them down!!! The whole motion of writing things out keeps my mind focused and allows me to retain the material so much better! Once I have the basic outline of each subject I usually end up going through and expanding on each topic.  Ill write out all the definitions, write out all the theorems and their proofs (math major), and I'll go over all the homework problems and previous tests and quizzes that were given throughout the semester. 

5) Take Breaks and Relax! You seriously cannot study non stop for hours on end.  I give myself max 2 hours before I take a break! and my break are usually at least an hour.  During breaks I'll do something fun like cook, watch tv, or go to the gym.  These breaks from the books can really help to alleviate any stress that may be building up.  I also like to take 5 minute breaks to stretch every half an hour or so to keep my body from getting sore from sitting for too long (does anyone else get that problem?!)

6) Get Plenty of SLEEP! I cannot stress enough how important sleep is! The night before my finals I stop studying at 8 usually (doesn't always happen), give myself some time to unwind by watching tv or taking a nice long shower, and then its off to bed.  I always try to give myself 8 hours of sleep before a big test or final.  feeling well rested can really make finals a lot easier and less stressful.  

Hopefully some of these tips will be helpful for those of you going through finals right now! I'm wishing everyone of you good luck! It'll all be over soon!

How do you guys study for big exams or finals?

What do you do to keep from stressing out?


  1. Great tips, Kristen! And good luck on your finals :)

  2. When I was in college I used many of these tips! Wonderful tips, I am sure you will do amazing on your finals!



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