Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Tree Shopping

So yesterday my family and I went to get our Christmas tree.  It ended up being the perfect day because just as we got there it started to snow! It was gorgeous (and a little cold) but definitely a great day! We even brought along Tanner and he was in heaven!!! He ran around the whole time.  I think he wanted to smell every inch of the tree farm!  Tree shopping was a success and every year we always turn it into a competition to see who picks the tree we end up cutting down.  This year it was ME!!! Here are some pictures from the day

Tanners cute little jacket

 Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

 And here was the winner! 

The farm also had a cute shop with Christmas decorations as well as an outdoor area that had gorgeous wreaths and outdoor decorations.

 Tanner was pooped when we got to the car.  He slept in my mom's lap the entire way home! Here's some pictures of him this morning when he came and slept on my lap! He's so cute when he's tired :)

What did you do this weekend?

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