Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Closet Cleanout

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So this is a little tip I wanted to share with everyone out there who has a closet full of clothes but absolutely nothing to wear!  I can't be the only one with this problem!!! Clearly the problem is that a lot of what you have in your closet you're not wearing, and never will.  Now if your like me you've tried to go through your closet and pick out all the pieces of clothing that you are never going to wear so you can either donate or get rid of them, however I can never seem to get rid of that much clothing!

I usually ask myself first, does it fit? If not then I get rid of it. Then I ask will I wear it? If yes it goes back in the closet.  If no, then I ask myself, is there any special occasion where I might need this article of clothing? Usually I can come up with one occasion where I could possibly... maybe... need to wear this article of clothing... and back in the closet it goes.  Hence basically I get rid of whatever doesn't fit and that's about it! My method is not very effective.

The biggest problem with this is I hate buying more clothing when I already have so much! But at the same time I feel like I have nothing I want to wear all the time!  So I decided to try out a new approach to help get rid of the clothes I'm really not ever wearing.

Instead of going through my clothing and asking myself if I am going to where it... instead I am just simply going to see if I wear it.  At the beginning of the school year when I moved all of my clothing to my house at school, I put all of my clothes hangers backwards in my closet like this:

Then whatever clothing I wear, I put back into my closet with the hangers turned around like normal.
So now half of my hangers are turned around to the front line normal and the others are still facing backwards so I know they haven't been worn.

This is really helping me see what clothing I wear and what I never wear.  It's definitely going to make donating clothes so much easier this year! I plan on donating a lot of clothing this winter and then when I graduate in May I plan on doing a serious clean out of my closet.

What are some things you do to help keep your closet clean? 



  1. Wow, that's an excellent tip! I may have to try that this year! The hardest things for me to get rid of are dresses- especially fancier ones. Mostly because I have some great memories in them. I usually try to clean out my closet when I either run out of hangers, or know of a great cause where they are accepting donations. I just did a cleanout to donate stuff for the tsunami victims- I was able to get rid of two full bags of clothes!

    Can't wait to see how your cleanout went!


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