Friday, December 13, 2013

Favorites of the Week

Well I'm half way done with finals... unfortunately it was just the easy half. I still have lots more studying to do this weekend (lucky me.... ) So instead of studying I thought I'd take a little break to show you some of the little things have have kept me happy through this week.  So here we go with my favorites of the week: Finals Week Addition!


I've posted this saying in my room and in my planner to try and keep me motivated.  I hate studying and I am so bad at starting ahead of time which is why I have to make a plan for studying (more about that here) or else I'd end up cramming for all my finals the night before and that would just be a hot mess!

Also.. on a less serious note... here are some other pictures I found while procrastinating taking study breaks that made me laugh

2) Study breaks! They are my life saver! After spending freshman and sophomore year at college studying for like 9 hours on end, I've finally learned that study breaks can be beneficial... as long as your breaks aren't longer than the time you actually spend studying!

3) Starbucks!! and really any coffee at all.  Its what keeps me going through the day!

4) Friends!!! Who else loves this show?! My housemate really got me into it sophomore year of college when we were roommates and ever since I've been in love! It's on almost all the time so I usually spend my study breaks eating and watching friends and it could not make me happier :)

Alright.. I guess its about time I get back to studying :(  Luckily this will all be done on Tuesday!!!

Wish me luck!!!

What are some of your favorite things this week?


  1. Good luck on your last two finals ... finish strong ... you are almost at the end :)

  2. Hi hun! Glad to see you're part of the #2014BloggerChallenge as well ^^ I just followed! Hope you'll enjoy my posts too! <3

  3. Good luck on the rest of your exams! That is a great motivational quote, simple but good! All of these are great things for studying, they help me through exams!
    I'm also doing the 2014 blogger challenge, follow back on GFC? :)
    Jess from

  4. Saw you're doing the 2014 blogger challenge , me also! Can't wait to read your posts :) I gave you a follow also!

    Natalie xx


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