Friday, December 20, 2013

Favorites of the Week

It has been a long long week! I really never thought it would end... and I swear I have hardly done anything! I finished up my finals on Tuesday so of course me and a few friends went out and celebrated Tuesday Night! It was a late night and unfortunately I had to wake up early to pack up all my stuff I needed to bring home over winter break.  After I packed up and drove home I spent a lot of the day out shopping with my mom which was great! We definitely got a lot of last minute Christmas shopping done!  My family also went out to dinner on Wednesday night which was so nice! It really is amazing how much I look forward to spending time with my family when I'm home from school! Needless to say, Wednesday night I was pooped and had no problem falling asleep.  Thursday was a much needed lazy day, I actually felt like I had been hit my a truck when I woke up! My body was just not functioning very well yesterday.  Luckily, I didn't have to do much during the day but I did have to go to work at night.  And now Friday is finally here and it is a glorious day! Today I will be finishing my Christmas shopping completely (don't judge me, I no it's late!)  I really only have a few odd and ends I still have to get so hopefully it shouldn't be a problem, and then tonight I have work again.  But I'm still just so glad its Friday because that means I have the whole weekend to relax and unpack and catch up on some much needed rest!  And now finally... lets move on to what this post is actually about... some of my favorites things this week.

1) Hot Chocolate... with lots of marshmallows!


2)  This super funny and super clever Christmas card.. it just makes me laugh

 3) Spending time with my family! There is just something about the holidays that makes me all about family time! We watched Elf last night and I enjoyed every minute of it. 

4) speaking of Elf, holiday movies have been on my radar! I'm so excited tomorrow I think I'm gonna watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas with my sister.  This is one of my all time favorite Christmas movies!

5) Snow! I am so not a fan of the cold! I hate being cold... it's such an uncomfortable feeling! However, if it is going to be so cold out all the time I at least want snow! Its the one part of the cold that I do enjoy!

How has your week been? Has it felt as long as mine seemed to feel? 
I think it's because I'm getting excited for the holidays! 

What are some of your favorite things this week?  


  1. My week has felt long too! At least you have a nice festive weekend before christmas to wind down!
    I love Elf, I think it is my favourite christmas film ever. Going to have to watch it tonight! x

  2. Congrats on finishing finals! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas break!


  3. My week has felt EXTREMELY long, but then again, I have had sick kids all stinking week. BLAH! And you aren't alone on the Christmas shopping, I still have stockings to fill.

  4. MMMM hot chocolate with marshmellows! Such a holiday classic. Oh, and congrats on finishing finals! Must be a nice feeling! Now you can relax during the holidays. Happy Holidays xo


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