Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Finals are Finally Over!!!

I am finally done with my finals! Seriously.. it felt like forever! I am so happy to say that today was the last final I will ever take, unless I decide to get a masters... juries still out on that one.  But anyways, with finals over I am so happy to get my life back and some free time now!

I've already made so many plans just for today I just got back from the mall, I was FINALLY able to get a little Christmas shopping done (seriously behind on this one).  I went with my friend and my sister and of course we had to get Starbucks while we were there, I think I'm addicted!

Unfortunately now I have to spend some time packing up to go home.  I'm so excited to go home and spend some time with my family! I will definitely be using this time to rest and relax, but I also plan on substitute teaching after New Year's.  I am also going to be student teaching in the Spring so I will certainly be spending some of my break prepping and preparing for that! I can't wait to go in and meet my students! I've already met my co-op and she seems so great! 

But.. before I worry about all that.... tonight my plan is to just relax and hang out with some friends (seriously needed after finals week) I'll be going to a local bar with some friends later tonight for Taco Tuesday... (.75 cent tacos and $3 corona's... count me in!). It should be a lot of fun and a great way to celebrate finishing our finals!

If you happen to be a teacher, what tips do you have for a student teacher?


  1. I have no tips, but congrats on finishing!!

  2. Hey girl!!! New here from the 2014 blog challenge! I'm your newest follower and I so look forward to reading future posts :) http://likeamorningcupofcoffee.blogspot.com/

  3. Congrats on finishing finals! I was an eduction major, I ended up doing event planning oddly enough, I was a breath away from a 4.00 in my major. my best advice for student teaching is to have a firm grip on classroom management and before you start teaching the class see if theres a time you can sit down with your mentor teacher and get an idea of what she expects from you, and idea for what the topic of your lessons are going to be about so you can get a jump start on lesson planning, and just have fun with the experience and enjoy yourself!


  4. We are excited to have you home with us for the next month and very proud of all your accomplishments. My advice to you for student teaching is do such a great job, they offer you a permanent position!!!!!! (LOL) .... MOM

  5. Congrats on finishing finals. I have my degree in school counseling, but I think just showing each kid attention will make them appreciate you and respect you more, good luck!


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