Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas & A Look at the Week Ahead

Well... almost Merry Christmas... I wanted to post this ahead of time as I will be taking a bit of a break to celebrate the holidays and spend time with family and friends.  I hope you all have a great holiday and I'm looking forward to hearing about everything you did over the holidays and all the presents you received when I come back!  I'm sure I'll be on here periodically throughout the holidays... but well see how often that actually is! I have such a jam packed week ahead.  Here's a little look into whats coming up!

Today I will be finishing up wrapping presents, and preparing Christmas Eve dinner.  This year its just my parents, sister, and grandma that will be here on Christmas Eve.  Then comes Christmas Day which will be spent opening presents in the morning with my parents and sister, going to church, and then preparing a big Christmas day dinner for my whole family! We are having Christmas at my parents house this year so I'm sure I'll be cleaning tomorrow and on Christmas day as well!  Christmas night will be spent eating dinner and spending time with the family as well as round two of opening presents!

After Christmas, my cousins and I are going to Atlantic City for DayGlow on Saturday and I am so excited!!! We still have to get a hotel room and we are going to be shopping and making outfits to wear either Thursday or Friday!

Finally after I get back from DayGlow on Sunday, I'll be going to a friends Christmas / New Year's Party on Monday night.

Finally, the worst part of it all is that I don't even know what I'm doing on New Years yet! Talk about last minute!  I'd honestly be happy just having a relaxing night at home with my family, but I'm sure my friends and cousins have other plans for me!  

I'm sure I'll be exhausted after everything I have to do but the holidays are only once a year so you must embrace and enjoy them!

So in case I don't get a chance to get on here,  I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas (if you celebrate!) and for everyone else Happy Holidays!  I hope everyone enjoys the time with their family and friends!

What are your holiday plans?


  1. My holiday plans are much like my weekends. Relaxing and uneventful. I'm happy about that.

  2. Hope you have fun on your plans! Atlantic City sounds amazing. (: Merry Christmas! x

    Nicole | nicolesblogdiary

  3. I plan to eat large amounts this season then make up for it in January teehee ^^ im a neq follower - awesome blog xo


  4. Glad you had a lovely Christmas. I see you like me are a member of the BloggerChallenge2014. I have followed you and can't wait to read your posts.


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