Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Midweek Confessions

Its time for another round of midweek confessions so here we go

1) I haven't really started my Christmas shopping yet.  Yikes.... I bought one present.. that's it! I don't even know what I'm going to buy everyone yet!  I have to seriously start working on that!

2)  I'm not as stressed about my finals starting next week as I think I should be!  In previous semesters I usually end up hiding out in the library with massive amounts of coffee, snacks, and a huge pile of books, study guides, and note cards.  This semester though I'm not as concerned.  Sure I'm going to study but I certainly do not feel like I have to shut myself off from the world for the next two weeks.  I think part of this is coming from going into these finals with really good grades (all A's) and feeling confident in what I've already learned, BUT I think an even bigger part is senoritis kicking in.  This is my final semester of classes before I start student teaching and phew... there will be no time for senoritis during student teaching. Therefore this semester has become the semester for having senioritis.  #notsorry

3) I am loving blogging soo much! I'm spending too much so much time on here coming up with ideas for posts and exploring others blogs! It's become a new hobby for me. I'm still looking for any advice established bloggers have! So if you'd like to share some of your wisdom I'd be so grateful! I'm looking into social media buttons and I'm also looking into making a banner for my blog (but I'm not creative at all so I have no ideas)

That's it for this week.  Do you have any midweek confessions to share?

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