Tuesday, December 10, 2013

You're Always a Kid on Christmas!!!

I saw this link up over at The Daily Tay and I couldn't resist participating! Taylor along with Helene joined forces to come up with this awesome idea and I couldn't be happier! Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday and every year around Christmas the inner child in me comes out!

I watch hours of Christmas movies, Rudolph is my favorite! (I think we still have a video tape recording of it somewhere at home!) I usually just watch it on ABC family... also watching the Grinch is a must! 

I still count down the days until Christmas!

I still make hot chocolate every single night  like I did when I was younger.... and it still has to have marshmallows in it!
I still love opening presents Christmas morning! My sister and I used to wake up at like 6am to open presents and our parents would make us wait til 7 so they could sleep longer.  My sister is still doing that, however I've decided I enjoy my sleep a little bit more nowadays.

I still love being surprised at what presents I get! I don't want to pick out everything I get.  Getting gifts that are a surprise is half the fun when it comes to opening them!

Stocking stuffers are still a must in my house and I love all the little goodies that I get in them!  Even my dog has a stocking and he sits and cries by his stocking until we left him have it... he even pulls everything out of it on his own! He loves Christmas too!

I still get antsy in church on Christmas morning because all I want to do is get home and play with / wear all of my new presents!

and finally... I still get excited to meet up with my family for dinner on Christmas.  Not only is is round 2 of presents but I enjoy spending the time with them since we all have such hectic lives these days!

What are some holiday traditions you still have from when you were a kid?


  1. thanks so much for linking up with us! i make hot chocolate as much as I can, always a blast!

  2. Stocking stuffers are my favorite too! Even at 32, my Parents still fill my stocking fun of cool stuff (mainly stuff like razor "refills", body wash, etc). And of course my fur baby gets his very own stocking and some turkey too!

  3. New PJs on Christmas Eve. You gotta have ur bath or shower, then slip on new PJs and then get into a freshly made up bed. Then not sleep all night in the excitement of Santa coming. That is what makes Christmas!!

  4. Great post :) x

    ~ www.brunette-wavez.blogspot.com


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