Thursday, August 21, 2014

After School Checklist

I want to start sharing some things I've been coming up with to help keep myself organized throughout the school year.  While student teaching, I always found myself exhausted by the end of the day.  All I could think about was getting home and into some comfy sweatpants for the night.  However, there was always so much to do at the end of the school day.  Between checking emails, cleaning up, preparing for the rest of the week and so on I almost always forgot to do something before I left school which led to a lot of anxiety and panic. I decided an after school checklist was a perfect way to remind me of everything that needed to be done!
I've put together this checklist hoping it will help keep me focused on the tasks I need to do at the end of the day before leaving.  You can download it here. I made it a word document so it can be edited to fit your needs.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions of things to add to this list.  I'm sure I'm missing something! 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Beginning of the Year Shopping List for New Teachers

Now that September 4th (the first day of school) is less than 3 weeks away and new teacher orientation is in less than a week, I wanted to start coming up with a list of all the things I will need to buy for my classroom! Phew... the first list I created was looong... yes looong with three o's.  I thought about anything and everything a teacher could possibly want in the classroom for organization and for their own sanity! After dwindling down my list to more essential items for organization and cleanliness, I think I've finally come up with a great beginning of the year shopping list for first year teachers, especially those teaching from a cart like myself.  Seriously, where do you even put everything???  This list could also be used as a back to school shopping list for veteran teachers as well but they may already have a few of the items from previous years. There is also room at the end to add your own items.

You can grab a copy of this shopping list here. 

If you have any suggestions of things to add to my shopping list please feel free to share below in the comments! I'm sure I'm missing things!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

So if you haven't noticed...

I've been a little absent from this blog lately. Well I do plan on picking up blogging again very soon.  This summer has been so so so much fun, I'll definitely have a recap of my summer coming soon.  Hopefully I'll be back to blogging somewhat regularly soon!

Thursday, July 3, 2014


** Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. ** 

I just recently received my very first VoxBox from Influenster.  I received my SurfsUpVoxBox a couple of days ago and was thrilled to see everything inside!

I received all sorts of fun summer products that I cannot wait to try out! 
In the SurfUpVoxBox I received:

and a coupon for a free Jamba At Home Smoothie

 First thing up to be reviewed is the first aid shot therapy. This stuff promises fast relief and let me just say that it isn't lying.  I tend to suffer from some pretty bad headaches from time to time.  Recently I felt on coming on at work but didn't take action right away.  Soon enough I had a full blown migraine and I was miserable at work.  I didn't have any Advil with me, but then I remembered I had the first aid shot therapy in my car.  I quickly drank it and prayed it would help!  It definitely did! Within a half an hour my headache was completely gone and it didn't come back for the rest of the day... thank god!  I'll definitely be buying some more of these to keep on hand at work, school, and around the house.  They are small and easily portable and the taste wasn't bad either... definitely a plus.

Next is the Sinful Colors nail polish.  I received the color Anchors Away.  Its a fun and bright color great for summer.  This is definitely not a year round color but I enjoy the pop of color it gives in the summer. 

The nail polish went on and dried smooth.  It only took two coats to completely cover my nails.  Unfortunately I don't think I waited long enough before starting my day because I messed up a couple of nails with in an hour of painting them. I was also out in the heat which didn't seem to help with the drying process.  Overall I think if I had waited a little longer my nails would have come out better, but thats nothing against the polish.  The color wasn't my favorite.  It can't be worn year round or with everything, but it is a fun and bright color!

I'll be trying out the Not Your Mother Beach Babe Shampoo and Conditioner and the Hawaiian Tropics Silk Hydration After Sun Lotion soon and I'll be writing another post about those in the next couple of days!

Anyone else get the SurfsUpVoxBox? 

What Sinful Colors nail polish did you receive? Do you like it?

What's your favorite #SurfsUpVoxBox product?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Random To-Do List For My Days Off

First off, I'd like to share that I created a new page on Facebook for this little blog and I'd love if you checked it out, liked it, left a comment... really anything! I love getting to know my readers and interacting with you guys.  Also, nothing makes me happier than when I see a new comment or email from you! 

I feel like I've done nothing but work for the past couple of weeks.  Because of my crazy work schedule, I haven't had much time to write lately... or do anything for that matter.  I was counting down the days until I got some free time to myself.  After a long day of work yesterday (12 hours!) I finally have a break for the next three days!!! With all this free time on my hands I wanted to creat a To-Do list of all the things I really want to  accomplish over the next three days... although probably more like 2 because the 4th of July will be spent barbequing, drinking, and celebrating!  But anyways, here is my completely random list of everything I'm hoping to accomplish in the next couple of days...
- clean out and vacuum my car.. I'm not sure how it got so messy but it did.

- get my car washed ... there is a bird out to get my car.  I'm getting very annoyed

- clean my room, a lifelong battle of mine.  I feel like I clean in and within 10 minutes I've already created some sort of mess again.  I have to work on that.

- clean out my closet.  I'm pretty sure I have clothes in there from back when I was in high school! I also need to make room for all the new clothing I'll be buying to teach in.

- do my laundry.  Is it just me or does anyone else get into the habit of putting off their laundry forever and only washing what you absolutely need washed (aka my work uniform) the night before you need it???

- get some blog posts written and in my drafts... as of right now I have no drafts and I'm only writing when I can.. I'd love to get a little ahead.

-Complete the paperwork for my new job... I don;t even understand half of this paperwork... W-4's I-9's, direct deposit information, healthcare benefits, physicals, certifications oh my! so much paperwork! 

- Finally.. I can't forget to pamper myself a little bit... I would love to get my nails done tomorrow :)  I think I'll try out my new Sinful Colors Nail Polish from my first ever complementary Influenster VoxBox! I recently got the Surfs Up VoxBox and will be doing a post on that very soon :)

I could go on and on but I don't want to overwhelm myself! Lets hope I'm feeling productive over the next couple of days so I can start crossing things off this list!

What are some of the items on your to-do list this week?

Also, don't forget to check out my new facebook page :)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

I'm Right Where I'm Supposed to Be

I'm a pretty firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I believe the people that come in and out of our lives and the things we experience, good or bad, all have a meaning. It's easy to get caught up in looking at peoples facebook posts, instagrams, and blog posts and thinking how great their lives must be.  It's also easy to start telling yourself that your life isn't as fun or exciting or meaningful because you are not doing what everyone else is doing.

I've gone through phases where I've compared my life, my friends, and my experiences with others and it'd definitely brought me down at times.  I've had days, weeks, and even months when I've gotten down on myself because I wasn't in the popular crowd, didn't have a boyfriend when everyone else did, or didn't go out to concerts, parties, etc. like others were doing every weekend.  Don't get me wrong, I had boyfriends, friends, and I did go out but it just seemed that everyone else had more glamorous and fun lives than mine was. 

Being 22 now, I definitely feel I have gotten over a lot of these insecurities.  I know that everything in my life is here for a reason and everything I don't have at the moment has a reason as well.  I'm so proud of myself for graduating college, with honors I might add, and finding a full time teaching job in a high school that I cannot wait to start working at! I have super supportive parents, and a sister and cousins who I am extremely close with.  I may not have a man at the moment, but I've been lucky enough to surround myself with amazing friends who I know will always be there to support me.

Over the last couple of years, I've definitely learned that even though I may look back and wish I had done things differently, wished for different outcomes, or saw myself doing different things... I know I'm right where I'm supposed to be. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Subbing vs. Teaching

So now that I have student taught for an entire semester, (check out my first day post here)I wanted to write this post about the differences between being an actual teacher and being a substitute teacher.  For those of you who want to become teacher, I would suggest you start subbing in a school district near you during college.  Besides getting paid,  It gets you inside of a school managing a class full of students which is certainly good practice however, by no means is substitute teaching even remotely similar to being an actual teacher... especially not a pinterest perfect teacher.

First, when you are a teacher you form relationships with your students.  You get to know them, their interests, their strengths and weaknesses, etc. and they get to know you as well.  This relationship is built on mutual respect.  As a teacher, you respect your students and in return students respect their teacher (most of the time)

When you are a substitute teacher, you walk into a strange classroom full of faces you've never seen before.  They students have no relationship with you, you are an outsider and therefore they have little respect for you.  Often times students will act out when there is a substitute because they believe you cannot discipline them. I'm always a little bit amused at some of the bad behaviors I see from students when I'm subbing.  However, once I tell them that I am also a teacher and have student taught in their school or district before their bad behaviors diminish

When you are a teacher you set up a classroom routines and expectations that students know and are expected to follow.

When you are a substitute, students brains turn to mush and forget that procedures and rules exist.  That means  students have their phones out and are snapchatting, tweeting, and texting simultaneously.  Students also forget that they are inside of a school and begin talking as loudly as possible, presumably to talk over all the other students who are also talking incredibly loud.

When you are a teacher, you actually teach lessons, plan activities, interact with students, etc.

When you are a substitute your lucky if the teacher leaves a worksheet for the students to do.  Most of the time these worksheets or assignments are busy work that is boring and tedious.  No wonder students don't bother doing it! which brings me to my next point...

When you are a teacher students actually do their work in your classroom.. some days more willingly than others.

When you are a substitute there is absolutely no work getting done by any student in that class.  If you're lucky you'll have maybe one or two students diligently getting their work done but everyone else will be talking and doing their best to ignore you. In the off chance you get a class of students who does their work, more than likely the assignment will only take about half of the class period to complete.  I usually start off class explaining what the teachers expectations are and sometimes I'll even make it fun by racing students to finish the assignment.  This helps keep students on task.  I'll also add an incentive, if everyone finishes their work, the last 5 minutes or so of class you can move desks, talk to your friends, etc. Usually students will cooperate if they know they can go sit by their friend towards the end of class.   

When you are a teacher your day is usually somewhat exciting (or at least not boring).  You are constantly interacting with students and faculty, and you have plenty of work to keep you busy for days, and there is always something new going on!

When you are a substitute your day is very boring! .... Unless you're like me and decide to talk to all of the students whether they want to talk to you or not.  Also, if I'm really lucky and sub for a math teacher I always make it a point to show off my math expertise by helping students, answering questions, and asking students a few questions of my own just to make sure they know what they're doing.  It really throws them off when I do that :) 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

June Favorite Things

Today I'm linking up with Beauty and the Greek and Life As I Know It to bring you my favorite things.  With summer finally here, this post is going to be some of my favorite summertime things!

Between my sister and I we have all three palettes and I love them all.  The shades are neutral so they are great for a more casual, natural look but you can also use these palettes to get the perfect look for going out at night as well. 

TWO  Large & Colorful Totes
For me, nothing says summer like packing a large tote with a beach towel, sunscreen, and bathing suit and heading to the beach all day!  I love the beach and luckily I only live about 30 minutes from it.  Large totes are perfect for the summertime when your spending all day outside.  They can easily fit a towel, sunscreen, and all your other summertime essentials.  The bright color, pattern, and tassel make this one a favorite of mine.

Any sunglasses for that matter! Protecting your eyes from the sun is so important.  Sunglasses that are both practical and cute is just a bonus!

FOUR  Peonies
I love when all the flowers start blooming in the summertime! It makes everything seem so much brighter and happier.  This summer peonies seem to be a big hit among bloggers and I have to say... i don't hate it.  These flowers are so colorful, they could certainly brighten up any room.

Nautical themed everything... from clothes to purses, pillows to jewelry, and everything in between.   

SIX  Wedges
Wedges are so versatile.  They can easily be worn with a casual outfit during the day or dressed up and worn out at night.  I also think they're a bit more comfortable than other heels.

What are some of your favorite summertime things?  Feel free to link-up your post too!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Big Move

The lease for my house up at school ended on May 30th.  I'd been living in the house along with 3 of my friends for the past two years.  I'm absolutely amazed at the amount of crap that we accumulated in that house over the past two years! As I was cleaning out my small room I couldn't believe all the stuff I had fit into every inch of that place.  I was a little impressed with how clean I kept it with all that stuff in there (I'm not saying it was spotless all the time but it was decent).  

Before I started packing up I had to purge. Everything I didn't want to bring home with me was thrown out. I went through all of my school books, binders, etc. and threw out what I no longer needed.  Then I went to my drawers which were overflowing with clothes and I got rid of a ton.  Even after going through everything and throwing out what I could I still had a lot of stuff. 

I mean seriously... all that crap.. And that's only one of about 4 piles I brought home from my college house.

My dilemma now is that I'm moving back into my parents house (I know it's not ideal but hey I'll be saving a ton of money) and my room at home still has a lot of stuff in it.  Now I'm faced with trying to fit two rooms worth of stuff into one.  Help!!!  In the mean time I'm also thinking I need to re-do my room.  It definitely needs to be updated now that I'm out of college.

It's still a work in progress.

I'm definitely planning on getting a new comforter, probably some new furniture, and definitely a fresh coat of paint on the walls.  This is going to be my summer project.  I'll keep you updated.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Post Grad Life: Week 1

Well it's been just over a week since I graduated last Thursday.  I still can't believe I wont be going back to school in the fall.  After 16 years of school its hard to imagine being done.  So what have I been up to in the first week of my post grad life? Well I had two interviews with two different school districts, I had a demo lesson for one of those two districts (Out of 50 applicants, I was 1 of the 3 who made it to demo lessons) I had to brag a little bit because later that day I got a call from the district saying they picked another candidate because they have a couple of years of experience (not fair! I just graduated!) So that's about it on the job front right now, still no job and I'm clearly not happy about it either.  Everyone says it will come though so I just need to be patient. 

During the time of all of these interviews and demo lessons, I also got pretty sick.  I think all the adrenaline fro student teaching, senior week, and graduation finally wore off and my immune system was just shot.  I think my body just needed so rest.  Unfortunately for about a week I had a pretty bad cold that just wouldn't give up.  Thankfully I think my body has made a full recovery. 

In other news, the lease on my college house is up at the end of May so I've been spending a lot of time getting all the crap out of that house.  I'm amazed at how much I was able to fit into my room in the house.  It definitely wasn't a huge room but I made it work.

I hate moving! Here's the last pile of stuff that I moved out of the house today.  My mom and I moved out a ton of clothing and school supplies last weekend.  I spent a lot of time organizing and finding places for all of that stuff in my room throughout the week.  In addition to everything you see here, my car still needs to be unpacked, and my dresser, desk, bookshelf, and bed aren't even in the picture! There is so much stuff I don't even know what to do with it all! My main task this upcoming week will be to find a place for all of this stuff!

Finally, I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend! I know I am.  Barbeques for days... and birthdays.. because my birthday is on Tuesday!!! I'm going to be 22 :) 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Graduation and Interview Tips

I did it! I am officially done with my undergraduate college career and I could not be happier or more scared! I graduated this past Thursday, my department ceremony in the morning and the entire school ceremony in the evening.

Waking up Thursday morning for my 9am ceremony was a struggle! My college hosts a senior week for the 3 days prior to graduation.  Essentially we all move back into our freshman dorms (aka twin beds, communal showers and bathrooms, and eating in a dining hall).  Thankfully it was only 3 days! During senior week the college buses all of the students to a bunch of places.  This year we went to a bar, a nightclub, and the boardwalk as well as many events held on campus.  We were basically busy from 9am, all day until 2am.  Needless to say there was little time to sleep during those 3 days.  Oh and our guest speaker... you may know him from Breaking Bad... Rj Mitte.  He gave a great speech and even stayed after at our senior picnic to talk and take pictures. 

I unfortunately did not get a picture with him because I was too busy eating, riding a mechanical bull (23 seconds..woo!!), and running through inflatable obstacle courses. It was a blast.

Anyways.. getting off track.  I cannot believe I have finally graduated and am looking for a job! It has certainly been an eventful experience so far.   I've already had five interviews and I have another one tomorrow.  Of the five I have had, I made it to the final round of two of them but I didn't get either job unfortunately.  Finding a teaching job is tough!  I'm still waiting to hear back from two of them though so hopefully I'll be getting called soon.  This whole process is so stressful... the interviews and demo lessons, and worst of all, waiting for the call to hear if you've made it to the next round!

Although I've only had 5 interviews, I'm starting to get the hang of how these interviews work.  I get asked the same questions all the time.  When I walked into my fifth interview I wasn't even nervous like I had been for the others (you know when you get really hot, your face turns red, and you have butterflies in your stomach because your so nervous... yea that was me).  Thankfully I'm past those nerves now.

Now, so this post isn't all pointless ramblings from me, here are some things I have found most helpful in the interviewing process so far.

1. Always, always, always arrive at least 20 minutes early! I always want to be in the building 10 minutes before my scheduled interview so I always plan to arrive 20 minutes early so that I can sit in the car and now feel rushed when going in.  

2. Research the district... and the school.  I always look at the mission statement, diversity of students, academic achievement, and anything else I can find that may be beneficial to know about the school.  That way I can answer questions in a way that matches with the school and its students.

3. Practice your responses to the most commonly asked questions, Why did you decide to teach?  If I walked into your classroom on any given day what would I see? How do you handle discipline problems?   Examples of how you differentiate?

4.  To help with #3 make a portfolio and make the categories big buzz words that way when they ask you about something you can just open up to that topic and have multiple examples to show.

My categories are labeled cooperative learning, differentiation, assessment, behavior management, and technology.  These are the topics I get asked about the most.  This is also extremely helpful if I ever blank on what to say because then I just turn to the category and I have examples of things to talk about.

5. Be yourself! Don't try to put on a show for the interviewer.  They want to see the real you. If you have a good sense of humor show them! If your more calm or serious show them that! They want to see your passion for teaching and for the students, not if you can put on an act to please them.. so relax and just be yourself!

Hopefully these tips will help out anyone who is starting their job search like I am and please if you have any more tips feel free to share them in the comments, I'd love to hear what you have to say.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Long Break is Finally Over!

So I'm back... finally! I took a long break during my student teaching because the amount of work I was doing for student teaching and for my capstone was completely unbearable by itself! There was absolutely no way I could do all of that and still find time to blog about everything unfortunately.  I have missed this place though and I'm glad to finally be back.  I have tons and tons of stuff I want to talk about.. mostly teaching related since the past 4 months have been nothing but teaching!

Also.. on a super exciting side note.. I'm graduating college in 9 days!!! I cannot believe the day has finally come and I am feeling so many different emotions!  I'm so happy and relieved I'm done with all my classes and I have no more finals to take... ever!!! Well.. until I decide to go to grad school. But I'm also super nervous about getting a job! I've already met with two superintendents and I'm waiting to hear back from one of them to see if I got the job (I didn't get the first one... I got beaten out by someone with real teaching experience). This is such an exciting time in my life and its also a super anxious and nerve-wracking time because I'm basically figuring out what I'm doing for the rest of my life!

Anyways... that's some of the big stuff coming up along with soo much more!  I can't wait to tell you all about it! I'll be getting to all of that soon enough, there will be plenty of posts to come!

I would like to write posts that people want to actual read though.. so if you are a soon to be student teacher / math teacher and there's something you'd like me to write about (lessons, classroom management, behavior management, anything at all) let me know!

If you are graduating this semester please share! I'd love to hear about where your graduating from and what you'll be doing next!

Also anyone else who would like to see me write about something else.. college, graduating, whatever.. let me know, I'd love to share!

I'll be looking forward to your comments and suggestions.  Stop by soon to hear all about what I've been up to :)

In the mean time... you can check out my final capstone project that I presented last night here.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Reading List #2014BloggerChallenge

 I'm really not big on reading. I like books, and when I do read I do enjoy it, but I never seem to find the time or desire to sit down and actually read. I'd rather spend my down time (which I don't have a lot of) watching tv, or reading blogs on the internet. So rather than me tell you how much I loved the last few books I've read all three 50 Shades of Grey books, I seriously couldn't put them down.  I though instead I'd ask you guys for some recommendations.  Here are the two books I have on my reading list at the moment.

1. The Fault in Our Stars - after all the great reviews I know I have to read this book. I actually started it over my winter break but now that I'm back at school I just haven't found the time.

2.  The Dinner by Herman Koch - after reading a quick review on this book I knew I wanted to read it! Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers wrote
"I purchased it because a quote on the front cover said it was “unputdownable” and as I began reading, I realized the quote was more than accurate. I ended up making my way through three quarters of the book in one sitting and was immediately drawn into the dark plotline by the smart yet incredibly disturbing narrator whose character became more complex with each chapter. It’s an easy read and I recommend it to to anyone looking for a page turner that’s creative and also quite chilling."

These are the only books I have on my Reading list these days... which is probably a good thing since I seem to have no time to actually read anything except for school books and math textbooks... fun I know! Anyways, I wanted to get some input from you guys on any great books you've read lately?  I'd like to have a good go-to list of books to read that way when I find myself bored and looking for a good read I'll have plenty of options to pick from!

What are some good books you've read recently?

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Mind Dump and Superbowl Sunday

So unfortunately this place has been neglected for a little while.  Student teaching is taking up all of my time! Luckily I love the experience so much that I'm not complaining.  I'm going to try and at least get in one post a week from now on... well see how that goes!

Now lets talk about whats been on my mind...

Student Teaching
Its been great so far! My students have been taking midterms since last wednesday and they don't finish until this Tuesday so there hasn't been any teaching going on recently... but thats ok because I've been busy with lots of other fun things! I'm learning all the ins and outs of the school, I'm getting to know all the teachers and faculty.. and let me tell you they have been nothing but pleasant! I got to experience my first IEP meeting (definitely not a fun experience, but hey its part of the job).  On the other hand though... I've been helpnig out with the schools peer leadership program.  They are interviewing for next years peer leaders and I'm excited to be a part of that.  Finally, I'm starting to see all of the behind the scenes work that teachers do on a daily basis.  Grading, helping students with problems, trying to teach character education to students.  It's exhausting, tough, and yet still feels somewhat rewarding at times. 

During student teaching we have to take one class, a capstone, where we meet once a week.  I've heard in the past that this capstone is a place where we talk about our student teaching, do a little reading, have one big presentation about our experience at the end of the semester and that's about it... nothing too hard right?  Well thats not the case this year.  This year we have to write weekly reflections, we have weekly readings, we have to come up with a topic of research related to what we are teaching, we have to research said topic in our classroom (aka conduct some sort of study on our students about this topic), and then that presentation at the end of the year has to encompass all of this research and all sorts of other fun stuff! Ugh I'm exhausted thinking about it all!

Personal Life
Pretty non existent unfortunately.  I was able to see a few friends Tuesday night last week.  We went out for dinner and some drinks which was fun.  I was also able to see some friends last night which was great! However, most of the time I'm in bed by 10 at the latest... 9 if I'm lucky.  My daily routine goes a little something like this; wake up at 5:30am, shower, eat, and get ready and I'm out the door by 6:50.  I get to my student teaching placement at 7:20, school starts at 7:50 and ends at 2:30.  During the day school day I'm going non stop.  I usually end up leaving school around 4.  I contemplate going to the gym and always decide I'm too tired so I just go home.  I relax for about a half an hour and then work on anything I have to get ready for the next day.  I make dinner, do some more work, and then I usually pass out! 

Weekends are busy too! I get to sleep in though... until 8 woohoo! Saturday I have to run all my errands and go food shopping.  Its also my planning day.  I try to get as much done for my lesson plans as I can on Saturday! Sundays I work all day!!!!! It sucks.  I go in at 11:45 and I'm there til about 9 or 10 at night.  and what sucks even more about this weekend is that I'm working during the superbowl!!!!! I was so upset about this but I'll just have to get over it.  Luckily my work has tv's in it so I'll at least be able to watch it a little (although the food and beer is the best part!!!)

So that's about all I've got  going on for me right now.

What have you been up too?  

Any fun plans for the week ahead?

and What are your plans for the Superbowl?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My First Day of Student Teaching!!!

I made it through my first day half day of student teaching! I was so nervous and excited last night that I could barely sleep! After not falling asleep until 11:30 last night, I woke up this morning at 5am ready to get started with my day! Here's my first day of student teaching outfit.

 Cardigan - JC Penney's
Blouse - Macy's
Pants - New York and Co. 
Booties - DSW (brand: BOC)
Not Seen in Picture:
Watch - Fossil
Pave Earrings - Express
 Leaf Ring - Pandora

I must say, it looks like I have an outgoing group of students I will be working with this semester, although they were probably extra hyper and excited because they were getting out of school early due to the snowI have four 9th grade algebra 1 classes I will eventually be teaching and I will be team teaching two AP calculus classes with my co-op.  The room has a Smartboard, Smart responders, and a document camera that I am so excited to integrate into my lessons!

My co-op is also super helpful! She's already making me feel comfortable in the classroom, and she is so passionate about what she does.  You can definitely tell she is all about helping her students succeed.  I've got to say though.... trying to learn over 100 names... definitely going to be a tough challenge!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Skincare #2014BloggerChallenge

For those of you who don't know, the 2014 Blogger Challenge is hosted by Gaby at Another Girly Blog and entails writing two posts month.  Each post's topic is given by Gaby and can be about anything!  This posts topic is all about skincare.  The products you use, things you do, home remedies, etc.  So today I'm going to be talking about my skincare routine.  My routine is very short... almost non-existent, but it works for me.  I don't use a ton of products and I don't use any fancy products either! I can buy everything I need at CVS or basically any grocery store.

So here are the products I use: 

Here's my routine:
Everyday I wash my face in the shower with the Clean and Clear acne scrub.  After my shower I always put CeraVe lotion on my face to make sure it's not too dry and it doesn't start peeling.  I know some people say you shouldn't use a scrub everyday because it an be really harsh on your skin, but I love the exfoliating feeling.  Plus, by putting the lotion on after my shower my skin never ends up too dry.

If I start to see a pimple forming I'll put the Clean and Clear acne spot treatment on it and it usually clears right up within a day or two.  I'll usually apply this once or twice a day.

On days when I'm working, student teaching, subbing, or going out I'll use the Tarte foundation powder on my face to help give myself an even complexion and a nice base for my makeup.  If I just have class, spend the day running errands, or plan on staying at home I usually try to not wear any make-up except for some eyeliner and mascara.  I find that this powder is light and doesn't feel like its clogging up my pores so I really like it!

Finally, I thought I'd throw this in... I always suffer from chapped lips in the winter and it is the worst! I use medicated chapstick right before I go to bed and when I wake up my lips are no longer chapped.  I also use chapstick and Baby Lips Dr. Rescue throughout the day when I feel like my lips are getting a little chapped.     

What are your skincare routines?  Any great products you've found?

If you're part of the 2014 Blogger Challenge feel free to leave your blog post link in the comments and I'll make sure to check out your post!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Workouts to Get Fit in the New Year

As one of my many New Years Resolutions, getting fit and living a healthy lifestyle is near the top of the list.  Since I know so many others also have this same resolution, I thought I'd share with you some workouts that I've seen (mostly on other blogs) that I want to try.

First off, I just want to say that Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers is probably my go to when it comes to workout ideas... and healthy recipes too!  She has so many great ideas for workouts and recipes and she posts them daily so there is always something new to look out for!  There are also countless other blogs that also have some great workouts as well!

My workout routine tends to go a little something like this... I warm up on the treadmill or elliptical for 10-15 minutes, then most days I do some strength training.  Afterwards I usually do some cardio (usually anywhere from 25-45 minutes) or abs and call it a day.  I want to try and get out of my comfort zone a little this year and try new and different exercises and workouts.  Here is a compilation of some workouts I want to try to help with my new year's resolution to get fit!

Tabata Workouts


Treadmill / Elliptical Workouts

What are you doing to help you get fit and stay healthy in the new year?

Monday, January 13, 2014

Pinterest Perfect Student Teaching

So I will finally be starting my student teaching on the 21st and I am so excited! I have already met my co-op and talked about the classes I will be teaching, 9th grade algebra 1B and AP Calculus.  I have been pulling together a bunch of resources and ideas from pinterest for my student teaching and for when I get my own teaching job.  Granted, my teaching career will probably never be pinterest perfect, but if it were... it would look something like this!

Obviously I'd wake up early enough to have a nice healthy breakfast and have time to shower and get ready for work in the morning.  I'd always dress perfectly and have the most stylish outfits.

1  //  2
3  //  4

I'd be incredibly organized! So much so that I'd have an entire teacher binder that held all my lesson plans, grades, student info, basically just my entire teaching life in one binder! And not only would it hold everything, but it would still be neat, organized, color coded, and pretty like this one and the one below!

Not only would I have an awesome, hold everything, teacher binder, but I'd also have a fun, and totally DIY, lesson plan book to organize and hold all my lessons plans for all of my classes.

I'd have a super easy and efficient way to store and organize paperwork.  I'd always know where everything was, and I'd always have a place for all the paperwork that came into my room.

1  //  2
Clearly all my paperwork would be organized on my super neat, and nicely decorated, desk.

 I'd have a weekly calendar on my board so I could write the weeks homework and assignments for all my students to see.

I'd always have an updated teacher website as well as a weekly or monthly newsletter that would go out to parents so they could be up to date with what their children where learning.  It would not only be informative but also look pretty. 

And I'd also have a great way for students to get assignments they missed if they were absent, as well as a great system for keeping track of assignments not turned in on time.

And finally,  I'd have creative, fun, and hands-on assignments and activities planned everyday, as well as fun review games for students to play before tests and quizzes.

1  //  2

Oh, and I'd be able to do all of this while still having time to go to the gym, make homemade, healthy dinners every night, see my friends, and have all my lessons planned out ahead of time!

Clearly my life is not Pinterest perfect! I may not always wear the best outfits, have the most creative lessons, or be the most organized, but it certainly would be nice, and I certainly do try hard to do all of these things as best as I can! 

With student teaching just around the corner, these are just some of the idea's I may want to implement in my classroom while student teaching, or once I have a real job.  Clearly I may not be able to do all of this all the time, but hopefully I can incorporate a lot of these ideas into my classroom!

If you're a teacher, what are some ideas you've incorporated into your classroom? 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Wardrobe Essentials Part 4: Jackets & Accesories

Well this is the last post of my Wardrobe Essentials Series.  If you missed parts one, two, or three, the links will be at the bottom of this post! I'm so looking forward to adding some of the pieces from this series to my wardrobe.  This last post contains some jackets and accessories I think could be fundamental pieces of your wardrobe. 

Besides keeping you warm, jackets can be a great way to style your outfit.  You jacket can say a lot about the look your going for.  Denim jackets are great for the fall and also for a nice casual look.  A leather jacket can add a little flare to your outfit, and a nice peacoat goes great with a classier outfit. 

Accessories also adds a little spice to your outfits.  From handbags to jewelry to accent belts and scarves, they all can help you create the specific look your going for.

Handbags:  Handbags are great for carrying everything you need to bring with you when you leave the house!  I personally love totes because I can fit so much in them! I usually keep my laptop on me, plus a planner or notebook, pens & pencils, my phone, and my make-up bag all in my purse.  Needless to say I need a big purse! However when I go out at night with friends I tend to like a smaller bag or clutch, and when I'm shopping I always have a crossbody bag with me so I'm hands free for shopping. 

     Jewelry: I have been trying to get more and more into jewelry.  I do really like wearing it, I just never seem to buy any!  I'm looking forward to finding a few statement necklaces and some cute bangles and bracelets to add to my collection.  I think jewelry is a fun way to add color or to compliment an outfit! Here are some pieces that I have my eye on! 




      Other Jewelry

      Other Accessories: Belts and scarves are also a fun way to add color or a pattern to an otherwise simple outfit.  I love pairing patterned scarves with a simple white t-shirt or a fun colored belt over a black dress.

      What are some essentials pieces in your wardrobe?

      Here are the links for the full series:

        Wednesday, January 8, 2014

        Midweek Confessions

        Now that the holidays are over I'm attempting to get back to a normal routine.  You know the one where I don't stay up until 1 every night, sleep in until 10 or 11 every morning, and where I actually make it to the gym a few times a week.  Well... lets just say its a very slow transition I'm making at the moment! Anyways... I haven't done any midweek confessions in a while so I figured now that the holidays are over it might be a good time to start them up again.  Plus I have plenty to share at the moment.

        So speaking of this slow transition I'm having...

        one. I have this philosophy of mine where if I sleep in until 10 or anytime later I feel like my day is wasted! Literally I feel like so much of my day is gone because I've slept in so late.  Well... lets just say I've had a lot of wasted days recently.  Sleeping in until 11 have become the norm for me and I am not happy about it! Granted I allowed it after I finished my finals last semester before the holidays because well i deserved it! It was a recovery period for me.  Then I allowed it throughout the holidays because why not? It was a time to relax, plus with all the holiday parties and event I don't think I went to bed most nights until 2 or later.  But now I've got to kick my butt into gear and get moving! Especially since I'm trying to substitute teach during my time off from school.  lets see how I feel when that 5:30 AM alarm alarm goes off...

        two. Again my laziness has gotten the best of me! I think I have done maybe 4 loads of laundry since I've been home and they are all piled in a laundry basket waiting to be folding.  At this point I feel like I'm going to need to iron everything I own because of all the wrinkles!

        three.  I have become obsessed with the show prison break.  I've been watching it on Netflix and I cannot get enough of it!  On the days when I could go to bed early and actually get a good night sleep I end up staying up to watch 1 or 2 episodes of that damn show!

        four.  My room has seen better days... beside the just pile of unfolded, clean laundry in my room, I also have clothes I've worn thrown everywhere at the moment.  I've been traveling a lot... not far, just visiting friends and going on overnight trips but it has certainly taken a toll on my room! Clothes everywhere, papers everywhere! It's killing me! It's definitely time to clean, organize, and purge! 

        five.  random... but I ate wayyyy to much dip and drank wayy to much sangria than I should have last night! oh well... #yolo  But seriously... I was celebrating a friends birthday and we must have had at least 5 different dips there, pizza, two huge jugs of sangria, cookies, and cupcakes!  It was all delicious though!  But hey, on a positive note... I've been going to the gym recently!

        And there you go! I could probably go on but that's all I can remember off the top of my head at the moment!

        Is everyone else getting back into their normal routines? Are you having as much trouble doing so as I am?

        Do you have any midweek confessions you'd like to share?

        Monday, January 6, 2014

        10 Favorite Things About the New Year

        Today I will be linking up with Brianna from Endlessly Beloved.  I found her blog a few weeks ago and loved it from the moment I saw it!  She is just the sweetest! Each month she has a 10 favorite things link-up and this month it's 10 favorite things about the New Year!
        Endlessly BeLoved

        1. A Fresh Start - The New Year is like a fresh start! You can really decide what you want to do and who you want to be and start the year off with a clean slate.

        2. Motivation - For whatever the reason, New Years seems to motivate a lot of people... Probably because they think of it as a fresh start, clean slate, new beginning, etc. I'm no exception, New Years always motivates me to start working on all the things I want to improve on my life. Since motivation is key to staying on track with your resolutions, I always have quotes and pictures on my phone, computer, and around my room to remind me of my end goal.

        3. New Resolutions - I love making New Years Resolutions for myself.  They are great and give me  something to focus on throughout the year!  I also set short term goals for each resolution so I don't get distracted or stray from my goals.
        4. Reflecting Back to the Past Year - 2013 was a great year! Looking back and at it and reminding myself of everything I've accomplished, all the fun I've had, all the new experiences, and even some of the bad things that have happened is great!  It makes me reflect, and learn from my past.  There are certainly things I will never do again, there are definitely lessons I've learned through hardship, but there is also a lot I can't wait to do again, and a lot I'm thankful to have experienced!    

        5. New Outlook - A new year gives me a new outlook on life, a more positive outlook (because I tend to have high expectations for the year to come) After reflecting back on the past year I can say that I have learned a lot and I have changed a great deal, maybe not on the outside, maybe not so much that people in my life can see, but on the inside where I can see it.
        6. New Experiences and Opportunities - With a new year comes 365 days of new experiences and opportunities.  You never know what tomorrow will bring, and this year I want to take advantage of as many opportunities as I can and try to experience as much as possible! 

        7. Beginning Student Teaching and Graduating - A new year in generally marks the start of new classes at school, however this new year marks the beginning of my student teaching experience! Last semester I finished up all of my classes at college and now student teaching is the only thing left.  After this semester of student teaching I will be graduating in May and am so excited! Hopefully I'll get a job too and that will just be icing on the cake!
        8. Opening Up A New Chapter - A new year is like opening up a new chapter in a book.  You can write what you want, and make the year what you want to make it.    

        9. New Years Eve - New Year's Eve is just such a fun night of celebrations!  Whether I'm celebrating New Years out at a party, or relaxing at home with close friends and family it's a great time!
        10. Another Birthday - A new year means another birthday for me! and it's only 5 months (May 27th) away now!  This year I'm going to be 22!
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