Monday, January 13, 2014

Pinterest Perfect Student Teaching

So I will finally be starting my student teaching on the 21st and I am so excited! I have already met my co-op and talked about the classes I will be teaching, 9th grade algebra 1B and AP Calculus.  I have been pulling together a bunch of resources and ideas from pinterest for my student teaching and for when I get my own teaching job.  Granted, my teaching career will probably never be pinterest perfect, but if it were... it would look something like this!

Obviously I'd wake up early enough to have a nice healthy breakfast and have time to shower and get ready for work in the morning.  I'd always dress perfectly and have the most stylish outfits.

1  //  2
3  //  4

I'd be incredibly organized! So much so that I'd have an entire teacher binder that held all my lesson plans, grades, student info, basically just my entire teaching life in one binder! And not only would it hold everything, but it would still be neat, organized, color coded, and pretty like this one and the one below!

Not only would I have an awesome, hold everything, teacher binder, but I'd also have a fun, and totally DIY, lesson plan book to organize and hold all my lessons plans for all of my classes.

I'd have a super easy and efficient way to store and organize paperwork.  I'd always know where everything was, and I'd always have a place for all the paperwork that came into my room.

1  //  2
Clearly all my paperwork would be organized on my super neat, and nicely decorated, desk.

 I'd have a weekly calendar on my board so I could write the weeks homework and assignments for all my students to see.

I'd always have an updated teacher website as well as a weekly or monthly newsletter that would go out to parents so they could be up to date with what their children where learning.  It would not only be informative but also look pretty. 

And I'd also have a great way for students to get assignments they missed if they were absent, as well as a great system for keeping track of assignments not turned in on time.

And finally,  I'd have creative, fun, and hands-on assignments and activities planned everyday, as well as fun review games for students to play before tests and quizzes.

1  //  2

Oh, and I'd be able to do all of this while still having time to go to the gym, make homemade, healthy dinners every night, see my friends, and have all my lessons planned out ahead of time!

Clearly my life is not Pinterest perfect! I may not always wear the best outfits, have the most creative lessons, or be the most organized, but it certainly would be nice, and I certainly do try hard to do all of these things as best as I can! 

With student teaching just around the corner, these are just some of the idea's I may want to implement in my classroom while student teaching, or once I have a real job.  Clearly I may not be able to do all of this all the time, but hopefully I can incorporate a lot of these ideas into my classroom!

If you're a teacher, what are some ideas you've incorporated into your classroom? 


  1. Ugh, if only it was that simple, right?! I love all those ideas- pretty sure I have most of them pinned to my own teaching boards! I'm also in love with the top right outfit- so cute!


  2. Those are great ideas. I would love to see how they translate into an actual classroom. Some of the teachers my children have had are amazing and I can't believe the stuff they come up with.

  3. I get most of my ideas from Pinterest!

    Just found your blog, very cute!


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