Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Long Break is Finally Over!

So I'm back... finally! I took a long break during my student teaching because the amount of work I was doing for student teaching and for my capstone was completely unbearable by itself! There was absolutely no way I could do all of that and still find time to blog about everything unfortunately.  I have missed this place though and I'm glad to finally be back.  I have tons and tons of stuff I want to talk about.. mostly teaching related since the past 4 months have been nothing but teaching!

Also.. on a super exciting side note.. I'm graduating college in 9 days!!! I cannot believe the day has finally come and I am feeling so many different emotions!  I'm so happy and relieved I'm done with all my classes and I have no more finals to take... ever!!! Well.. until I decide to go to grad school. But I'm also super nervous about getting a job! I've already met with two superintendents and I'm waiting to hear back from one of them to see if I got the job (I didn't get the first one... I got beaten out by someone with real teaching experience). This is such an exciting time in my life and its also a super anxious and nerve-wracking time because I'm basically figuring out what I'm doing for the rest of my life!

Anyways... that's some of the big stuff coming up along with soo much more!  I can't wait to tell you all about it! I'll be getting to all of that soon enough, there will be plenty of posts to come!

I would like to write posts that people want to actual read though.. so if you are a soon to be student teacher / math teacher and there's something you'd like me to write about (lessons, classroom management, behavior management, anything at all) let me know!

If you are graduating this semester please share! I'd love to hear about where your graduating from and what you'll be doing next!

Also anyone else who would like to see me write about something else.. college, graduating, whatever.. let me know, I'd love to share!

I'll be looking forward to your comments and suggestions.  Stop by soon to hear all about what I've been up to :)

In the mean time... you can check out my final capstone project that I presented last night here.

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