Thursday, June 5, 2014

June Favorite Things

Today I'm linking up with Beauty and the Greek and Life As I Know It to bring you my favorite things.  With summer finally here, this post is going to be some of my favorite summertime things!

Between my sister and I we have all three palettes and I love them all.  The shades are neutral so they are great for a more casual, natural look but you can also use these palettes to get the perfect look for going out at night as well. 

TWO  Large & Colorful Totes
For me, nothing says summer like packing a large tote with a beach towel, sunscreen, and bathing suit and heading to the beach all day!  I love the beach and luckily I only live about 30 minutes from it.  Large totes are perfect for the summertime when your spending all day outside.  They can easily fit a towel, sunscreen, and all your other summertime essentials.  The bright color, pattern, and tassel make this one a favorite of mine.

Any sunglasses for that matter! Protecting your eyes from the sun is so important.  Sunglasses that are both practical and cute is just a bonus!

FOUR  Peonies
I love when all the flowers start blooming in the summertime! It makes everything seem so much brighter and happier.  This summer peonies seem to be a big hit among bloggers and I have to say... i don't hate it.  These flowers are so colorful, they could certainly brighten up any room.

Nautical themed everything... from clothes to purses, pillows to jewelry, and everything in between.   

SIX  Wedges
Wedges are so versatile.  They can easily be worn with a casual outfit during the day or dressed up and worn out at night.  I also think they're a bit more comfortable than other heels.

What are some of your favorite summertime things?  Feel free to link-up your post too!


  1. I just got my first pair of Ray-Bans and I LOVE them!

  2. I'm a little nervous to buy expensive sunglasses because I'm pretty sure I'll lose them or break them. Those Ray-Bans are suuuper cute though.

    I also mostly wear neutral shadows, so the naked palette would be perfect, I just don't know that I would use ALL of them. I've heard so many awesome things about them though, I may just have to pick one up.

    Thanks SO much for linking up with us!


    1. Have you every tried TJ Maxx or similar stores? They usually have super cute and nice sunglasses for around $10. My hubby always loses or breaks his :(


  3. Beautiful stuff! I love the wedges! They are such a cute and fun shoe, and I love that they are easy to walk in :)

    I found you through the Beauty and the Greek link up.


  4. I love wedges in the summer too! They're easy to walk in which is always a plus! Peonies are gorgeous! I'm dying for a pair of Ray Bans!


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